As a person who has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I know that enjoying life sometimes can be difficult. I see the ‘happiness’ section is based from what people see, hear, and feel about me.

I was born not in a super perfect family. I was born in a condition with lack of appreciation, care and loyalty. It cause myself as a personal who like to hide feelings and lack of confidence. Until I found my soul from: WORDS.

I love writings. I love words. I love poems. I love rags.

I found I can create my own happiness from creating my own story of past, present and future and I do not regret it until I stopped writing 6 years ago after denial. I thought people can accept my own utopia meanwhile my own creation was not beautiful enough for them. I stop. I quit. I am dissapointed with myself.


I take a first step of creating my own world back. The world where no one can not complaint about it, they just need to sit and see and feel what I want to show them. It might be not a greatest story ever, but I believe it can show people about how to respect, live and try to be happy as a person who lives with anxiety and depression.





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